Therapist Certifications

In July of 2000, I attended Body Wisdom School of Massage Therapy. The school was excellent. Classes were taught in weekly segments a month apart. 500 hours of hands on training with instructors from all over the United States and Japan. I graduated in March and received my Massage Therapy license in April of 2001, the start of A Deserved Therapeutic Massage!

Classes included:

100 Hours Therapeutic Massage with Annie Henson, Pennsylvania
100 Hours Anatomy and Physiology with Albert Moraska, Colorado
50 Hours Deep Tissue Massage with Stephen Melis, Colorado
100 Hours of Shiatsu with Shinzo Fujimaki, Japan
50 Hours of Lymphatic Massage with Diana Lonsdale, California
50 Hours of Positional Release with Diana Lonsdale, California
50 Hours of JinShinDo - Acupressure with Ellen Roseland, Utah
25 hours of Clinic

Countless hours of self study program, CPR, First aid and practice on my friends and family after learning each modality were not included as hours toward my certification.

Continuing Education since then:

25 Hours of Reflexology
With Patricia Barrace (Iowa) March 2002

50 Hours of Neuromuscular Massage
with Cathy Miller  (Florida) March 2002

12 Hours Connective Tissue Massage for the Back, Neck and Shoulders,
With John Latz in Davenport, March 2005

12 Hours Clinical Assessment and Treatment for Back Pain
With David Kent March 06

12 Hours Lymphatic Drainage,
With David Doubblestein & the Upledger Institute in DesMoines, Sept 06

12 Hours Essentials to Healing Touch
With Joanne Pheiffer (Iowa) June 2007

6 Hours Emotions, Stress and Disease
Richard Coleman (California) May 08

12 Hours Tai Chi Massage
With June Lordi Sept 08

7 Hours Emotional Freedom Technique
With Freya Schafer at Windemere Institute of Healing Arts Oct 08

6 Hours Learning to Communicate with your Angels Seminar
With Lisa Krivachek Nov 08

54 Hours  Personal Wellness -34 Hours Munay-ki
With Barbara Neebel-Meier at Windemere Institute of Healing Arts Feb-May 09

With employees downsizing, more pressure is placed on existing staff causing stress and anxiety. I have personally experienced this. As a result, I resigned from my full-time “corporate job” on April 15th, 2009 and decided to turn my passion into my career to help others that are feeling so much pressure in the workplace.

I am proud to announce after working part-time as a licensed & certified massage therapist, for 8 years I am following my inner voice and doing it full-time! We all need balance. I want to help you and your employees find balance! Less stress; less dis-ease! We need to get to ease!


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