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It Works have developed an exclusive line of naturally based products to improve your health and look from the inside out! Body wraps that take inches off! These body-wraps and lotions were developed from a line of products that have been used in European spas for decades modified to be available for home use or in conjunction with a massage. It Works also has a line of nutritional supplements. Click on the link for more information!

Healthy Living Technologies

EcoQuest's ActivePure line of products are proven in University studies to reduce 99.9% of mold and bacteria on surfaces* in as little as 2 hours. EcoQuest purifiers are scientifically proven to drop dust and pollen out of the breathing zone faster, while eliminating smoke and odors. ActivePure products have received the prestigious "Certified Space Technology" designation from the NASA-affiliated Space Foundation.
EcoQuest's Living Water series of water purification technologies use natural principles to deliver great-tasting, refreshing water to your home or office for pennies on the dollar compared to bottled water. From NSF certified counter-top purifiers to whole-home systems, the Living Water line provides convenient, exceptional-quality water to your home or business.
Green technologies like EcoQuest's LaundryPure are on the cutting-edge of environmentally friendly, money-saving, life-improving innovations. Using many of the same principles of our air and water technologies, LaundryPure duplicates natural processes to reduce or eliminate the need for detergents and fabric softeners when washing clothes. LaundryPure also kills germs in clothing and eliminates the need for hot water washes, saving money and energy!
Clean energy products from EcoQuest's EcoTrust Energy division offer customers greener, more efficient energy and whole-home protection from surges and spikes. By optimizing the energy coming into a home or business, the EcoPower4 system delivers a consistent current of energy, reducing waste and preventing appliance-damaging surges. EcoPower4 is backed by a $25,000 protection guarantee.

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