Wellness Plans for Business

Incorporate Massage into your Wellness Plan!

Is your staff stressed? Are shoulders and neck tight? Do forearms hands and wrists get sore? Does Staff complain of carpal tunnel? Do you have work injuries due to repetitive motion? Has anyone complained of a strained back? As preventative therapy, let the massage therapist take care of muscle issues before they turn into a problem. Massage therapy is cost effective and much more enjoyable than physical therapy or surgery! What day of the week has the most unproductive time? Rejuvenate your staff by offering massage in the Work-Place!

I can set up in 1 location or travel around the office utilizing their desk and office chair! Staff prepays when they sign up for a specific time so there is little down time while staff is being worked on!

Chair Massage (a taste of a real massage, still very beneficial): Cost is $1.00 a minute for massage. 2 Hour minimum.

Table Massages (the ultimate in relaxation!):  Cost is $1.00 a minute for massage. Plus a $25.00 table fee. 2 Hour minimum. It requires a 10 X 12 room with complete privacy. Massage is perfect before the golf outing to loosen up (or after to alleviate the aches and pains!) Tap into your creative side for brainstorming and "thinking outside the box" sessions!

If you are interested in providing this service to your employees, call me at 563-543-5449. I will need a contact person's name & phone number, # of employees you think would like to participate, A few dates you have in mind. I generally see clients in my office Mondays and Tuesdays. Business massages are generally scheduled Wed afternoon, Thursday morning and afternoon, Friday Mornings. With enough notice, anything is possible!

The Path to wellness includes Massage.

As an adjunct to medical treatments, massage may help combat the pain and symptoms of many ailments and medical conditions including the following:

Arthritis, Auto accident injuries, Carpel tunnel syndrome, Circulatory problems, depression, Headaches, Insomnia, Myofascial pain, Sinusitis, Sports injuries, Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ/TMD) and Whiplash

Many of the above conditions can be relieved with upper body, extreme stress and tension relief (back, shoulders, arms, hands, head and neck) 6 sessions of 35 minutes $175.00

Massage may not be appropriate for individuals with conditions including inflammation of the veins, infectious diseases, and certain forms of cancer depending on the stage, some skin conditions and cardiac problems.  If you have one of these problems, please see your doctor before receiving a massage.  AMTA's Massage information center can provide additional sources, references and research data on the efficacy of therapeutic Massage.  Go to www.amtamassage.org.



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